Site structure

I. Top Menu: Types of Posts

1. Commentary contains posts that comment on issues, events, and ideas of interest to the authors of this blog.

1.1 Notes contains posts that briefly describe noteworthy news items or commentary from other websites.  

1.2 Analysis contains posts with some analysis of current issues or material available on other websites. 

2. Recommended Reading links to writings published by other authors on external websites.

3. Recommended Viewing contains descriptions and links to interesting video material that is available online.

For the Recommended Reading and Recommended Viewing sections, the views expressed in writings and videos, as well as the credit and copyright, in each case belongs exclusively to the original author(s), filmmaker(s), publisher(s), or producer(s).  


II. Left-side Panel

Categories Box

The posts on this blog are organized both in terms of types of posts (accessible via the top menu) as well as in terms of the subject matter described in the posts. The Categories Box on the left-side panel is an expanding category tree that allows one to arrange or browse posts in terms of subject matter.


III. Right-side Panel

1. Search Engine

The Search Engine on the right-side panel provides an additional and more comprehensive search mechanism, enabling one to search for posts using any terms and not just tag terms.  

2. Tag Cloud

Each post on this blog is tagged with certain keywords. The animated Tag Cloud on the left-side panel displays a revolving sphere of these tags and allows one to search posts via these tags. The size of the font for a particular tag is a function of the number of posts related to that tag.

3. Links List

The Links List provides an extensive list of links to external sites containing useful information. The expanding list is organized in terms of roughly the same categories used for posts.


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