Anonymous exposes the pedophiles

November 1, 2011

Apparently the latest Operation Darknet by the (in)famous Hacker Collective Anonymous, known for its support of the whistle-blower platform Wikileaks and the Occupy Movement, took matters into their own hands and succeeded where the police and FBI failed.

During Operation Darknet Anonymous hunted for darknets (hidden networks only visible for their members) and this time revealed one of the biggest sharing platforms for child pornography ever discovered. Staying true to their manifesto, they published all user data they could unveil and subsequently killed the platform.

This case is especially interesting because one of the main mantras and characteristics of the group Anonymous was broken when the main leaders of Operation Darknet actually revealed some information about themselves. According to the Pastebin files a Google employee as well as a former IT security specialist are among them.

In my opinion what we can observer here is the consequence of a growing politicization of the “digital society.” Along with projects like Wikileaks, IT experts, both  professional and amateur, are taking a clear stand on moral and political issues.

While I do have some criticism of the methods used in this case–especially with respect to the credibility and verifiability of the user data–I am very interested in the further development of this hitherto incognito collective “Anonymous.” 

Original source: Pastebin  
Additional source: realnews24

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