Mitt Romney and lobbyists

January 14, 2012

When criticized about the truthfulness of his statements of “not having lobbyists run his campaign” Mitt Romney reacted angrily and attacked the “unprofessional acting” of journalist Glen Johnson. Romney tried to defend his statements by turning to semantics as the actual fact that there is a large number of lobbyists involved and connected to his campaign is not in question. However, since they are not paid Romney feels justified to state they are not running the campaign.

Moreover Romney’s facial expression, intonation, and body language seems to change from the friendly family business owner with game show host charm to a threatening persona that is rather reminiscent of the Godfather:

Listen to my words Glen. Listen to my words.
Let’s talk. Let’s you and I talk.

The journalist is further approached by one of Romney’s staff members telling him that asking critical questions is not appropriate: “be a little more professional when being argumentative with the candidate […] save your opinions, act professionally.” 

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