Progressive movements in the US

February 16, 2012

The Occupy Movement received a lot of attention in 2011 and it was indeed one of the most promising signs that although the economic and political system is profoundly unjust and has been hijacked and corrupted by corporations that quite literally own the country, the game is not completely over. The people are down but not thoroughly defeated, and we are now witnessing a reawakening of political consciousness.  The lesson of the movement is simple and profound: if people unite, they can resist the corporate takeover of their country and instead democratize it. Within and alongside the Occupy Movement are a number of progressive groups and events in the U.S. that deserve recognition and attention. A few of them are the following: The Coffee Party, Movement for the People, Citizens Intervention.  Here are a couple of nice videos from the Coffeee Party explaining what they do and why they do it. The first is about the injustice of the tax system in the US and how it empowers corporations at the expense of people. The second is a brief interview in which Annabel Park explains why a citizen’s intervention is needed.


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