More on economic inequality and the Occupy Movement

May 18, 2012

Among mainstream or major media organizations Al Jazeera deserves credit for its attention to the issue of economic inequality. One recent opinion piece by Noam Chomsky (Plutonomy and the precariat: On the history of the US economy in decline) provides a concise overview of the causes of the growing economic inequality in the US and the disastrous consequences it is bringing about. (For more on how inequality is at the root most social evils, see this powerful lecture by Richard Wilkinson). Additionally, Chomsky’s article helps to explain just why the Occupy Movement  is so important, really one of the most significant movements in US history. Also from Al Jazeera is the following Fault Lines documentary on how the top 1% to justify their wealth, control the political system, and resist income redistribution. The documentary includes interviews with Jeffry Sachs and Shamus Khan that dovetail nicely with Chomsky’s account of inequality.

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