Living off the grid in Costa Rica

June 25, 2012

Al Gore popularized the idea that there is one profoundly inconvenient truth about life in the developed world, namely, that it is unsustainable. His point, which is now common knowledge, is that our societies and economies are based upon the consumption of fossil fuels, which release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, which in turn brings about a cascade of consequences that undermine the very lifestyles that we currently enjoy. In response to Gore, it should be noted that there is also one rather convenient truth that is easily overlooked, namely, that in certain parts of the world at least it is possible to live a completely sustainable lifestyle–a life with virtually no carbon footprint.

The following series of interviews features an American woman named Amy who moved to Costa Rica several years ago to live in harmony with her natural surroundings. She’s living proof, not only that most of the consumer goods of the developed world are completely unnecessary, but also that one can survive–indeed thrive–without the basic “necessities” of housing, electricity, running water, and even agriculture.  

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  1. Barry
    June 29, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    I want to live there! off grid

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