Recent thoughts on the climate crisis

June 27, 2012

A small sample of some the important things that have been said recently on the state of the climate crisis and the failures of political leaders to address the root causes or even acknowledge the seriousness of the problem:

1. Democracy Now interview with Bill McKibben (environmentalist, author, founder of the remarkable grassroots climate campaign

2. Approaching a state shift in the Earth’s biosphere (ground-breaking article in Nature written by over 20 environmental scientists)

3. Is humanity pushing Earth past a tipping point? (a simplified, less technical summary of the aforementioned article in Wired magazine)

4. Democracy Now interview with David Suzuki (Canadian scientist and science journalist) at the Rio+20 Earth Summit

5.  Al Gore’s most recent TED lecture

6. TED lecture by James Hansen (leading climate scientist and director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies)

7. Democracy Now interview with James Hansen (on the failures of the Copenhagen Climate Summit)

8. An earlier TED lecture by Al Gore (on what has changed since an Inconvenient Truth)

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