Anonymous leaks alleged governmental surveillance data

September 26, 2012

The Anonymous collective recently released one million and one Apple UDIDs, the unique device identifiers used by Apple for its iPhones, iMacs, iPads, etc. Within their release-statement, Anonymous gave detailed information on the origin of these UDIDs, claiming that they came from an FBI computer. In fact the database they accessed had information on and from more than 12 million devices.

Before publishing this information Anonymous edited out personal data such as names, cell numbers, addresses zip codes, etc. leaving only the data columns, which would enable users to look up whether their devices are listed or not. According to Anonymous, the point of publishing those UDIDs was not to compromise Apple users, but to raise awareness that the FBI is likely using the device information to track citizens.

In light of former reports (see related articles below), Anonymous’ claims seem plausible and indicate that the US government is indeed involved in domestic surveillance.

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