Sustainability and freedom

October 13, 2012

Although it does snow in New Mexico, most people who watch the Garbage Warrior or witness the biotecture communities sprouting up in places like Taos probably think that earthships are fine for hot dry climates but wouldn’t really work in places like Canada. This short video clip nicely debunks that idea. The Potter’s earthship is in Bancroft Ontario which gets extremely cold in the winter, going as low as -35 Celsius. But as the Potters attest, they are perfectly comfortable in their home. And after building it, for very little money, they discovered that it not only sheltered them and fed them, but also freed them from the rat race in which most people are trapped. They no longer need to commute to work because they don’t need “jobs” in the traditional sense. And they don’t need jobs because they don’t have a mortgage, utility payments or even grocery expenses. The Potters clearly demonstrate that earthships are about much more than environmental protection: they are the means of self-empowerment and freedom. 

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