How to help the people of Gaza

November 20, 2012

According to this report, 38 aid agencies are now warning of a humanitarian crisis if the military assault on Gaza is not stopped immediately. And yet according to this Democracy Now interview with the Gazan human rights lawyer Raji Sourani, Israel has just dramatically escalated its bombing campaign on the trapped population in Gaza. Whether or not this escalates into a full-fledged ground invasion remains to be seen (here are Finkelstein’s thoughts on the relevant factors behind’s Israel’s decision-making at the moment). International pressure must obviously be brought to bear on Israel to force it to end this murderous campaign, but given the blessing of the US government, it is unlikely that Israel will be coerced or constrained anytime soon. Longer-term solutions and strategies can be discussed another time but immediate relief aid is now needed for the people of Gaza and the aid organizations trying to help them.

Here are two relief organizations to which people of conscience around the world can donate:

1) Palestine Red Crescent Society (donation page here)

2) ANERA (donation page here)

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