Lives well lived: Amy Goodman

February 21, 2013

Democracy Now is perhaps the best daily news programs anywhere in the world and a shining example of the power and importance of independent media. The success of Democracy Now is due to a large number of dedicated individuals who do the hard work of putting together a show each day as well as a larger group of listeners and viewers who voluntarily donate to the program to keep it going. But at the heart of this success story is Amy Goodman, a remarkable individual who has spent her life informing, enlightening, and ultimately empowering others. She’s a role model and an inspiration on so many levels and has deservedly won countless awards and honors, including the Right Livelihood Award in 2008.  Here is a recent interview with Amy consisting of several brief but illuminating clips, such as this one on her early experiences in journalism and this one on the importance of following your dreams rather than the crowd.

Yet another great interview with Amy can be found here. In this case she, along with Glen Greenwald , are interviewed by Bill Moyers after Amy and Glenn won the first Izzy Stone Award for journalism in 2009. It’s an interesting conversation between three remarkable people who have dedicated themselves to the same cause.

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