How to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (lecture by Norman Finkelstein)

May 25, 2013

Norman Finkelstein is one of the clearest, most informed, and most courageous commentators on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He has been speaking out and writing about the conflict for most of his adult life and has paid a heavy price for his candor and integrity on the issue. In the lecture below Finkelstein  lays out the reasons why a solution to this conflict is a distinct possibility, dissects some of the propaganda surrounding the issue, and defines the challenges that must be faced in order to achieve a solution. One of the great strengths of this lecture, like most others by Finkelstein, consists in the fact that he avoids discussing his own personal views on what a solution to the conflict should look like and instead insists that we simply pay attention to the relevant rulings in international law. The lecture was sponsored in part by L.A. Jews for Peace and was videotaped and made available for viewing by the non-profit media organization Global Voices for Justice.

Part 1: Possibility

Part 2: Propaganda

Part 3: Challenges


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