Predictably irrational (TED lectures by Dan Ariely)

February 25, 2014

Dan Ariely is a behavioural economics researcher, most famous for his two books Predictably Irrational and The Upside of Irrationality, both of which challenge the assumption of rationality at the heart of classical or “rational” economics. As a behavioural economist, Ariely is interested in showing the multitude of ways in which the human mind departs from the norms of rationality. In this series of TED lectures, Ariely uses optical illusions and humorous anecdotes to expose in a vivid way some of the biases of the human mind and the predictable mistakes most of us make in judgement and  decision-making. More information and videos can be found on his website.

1. “Our buggy moral code.”


2: “Are we in control of our own decisions?”


3. “Beware conflicts of interest.”

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