International award for hypocrisy

February 9, 2012

Alan Hart recently wrote this emotional but accurate article on his blog, asking for the introduction of an international Award for Hypocrisy as a consequence of the British and American response to the failed UN Resolution on Syria. He says, 

If there was such an award, the statements of European and American leaders in the immediate aftermath of Russia and China’s veto of the Security Council resolution to end the killing in Syria suggest two most obvious nominees for it.

Those being William Hague, UK Foreign Secretary, and Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the UN.

Some Quotes from the article:

The obvious implication is that it’s not good politics and policy to be on the wrong side of that opinion. Really? Then how do we explain the fact that all the governments of the Western world, led by America, are on the wrong side of it because of their support for the Zionist state of Israel right or wrong – unending occupation, on-going ethnic cleansing and all? There is a one-word answer. Hypocrisy.


Given that for the Security Council has been held hostage for decades by American vetoes to protect Israel from being called to account for its crimes, that Rice statement is – what I can say without resorting to use of the “F” word? – hypocrisy most naked and taken to its highest level.

The following video clip illustrates the level of hypocrisy that sparked Alan Hart to write this article.


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