Video: Meat the Truth

February 3, 2012

Meat the Truth is a documentary that connects global warming with animal rights and vegetarianism. This from the website for the film:

Did you know that transport makes up 13% of global greenhouse gases? No wonder we’re encouraged to drive less! So what about animal agriculture? It turns out livestock production makes up a whopping 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s right — livestock production is responsible for more greenhouse gases than every single car, bus, train, plane, tractor and scooter put together! So why didn’t Gore ask us to eat less meat..?

Enter ‘Meat The Truth’, a new documentary revealing the startling environmental costs of raising animals for food. Did you know for example that a single dairy cow produces 500-700 litres of methane a day? In one year that cow produces the same amount of greenhouse gas as a medium sized car traveling 70,000.

The film can be viewed on the above website for the film or on YouTube below:

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